FY2020 Draft Resolution Input Form

FY2020 Draft Resolution Input Form2019-02-27T13:53:57-05:00

National Guard Association of the United States FY2020 Draft Resolution Input Form

  • This form must be used to submit a new resolution or initiate proposed changes to standing resolutions. Each form must contain only one recommendation statement. Draft resolutions received after 1 July but no later than 31 July will be classified as "Emergency." Following the general conference, adopted draft resolutions will be incorporated into their applicable standing resolution or established as a new resolution. Detail information is then removed unless required for clarity.
  • Input # is the sequential number of drafts submitted by your state
  • Examples: Retirement Pay, Combat Vehicles, C-130 Modernization, etc.
  • In one sentence, please describe the specific item, program or legislation being proposed. (ONE RECOMMENDATION PER FORM - SPELL OUT ALL ACRONYMS - USE ONLY THE SPACE PROVIDED)
  • Use this box to further explain the changes being proposed above. This can identify policy, modernization program, equipment, status, states or personnel impacted. (SPELL OUT ALL ACRONYMS - USE ONLY THE SPACE PROVIDED - THE SAME JUSTIFICATION MAY BE USED FOR MULTIPLE DRAFT RESOLUTIONS, IF APPLICABLE)