The National Guard Association of Arkansas (NGAA) actively supports legislative issues at both the national and state levels. A national resolution is a legislative idea that a member or state would like for the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) to work on with Congress in the next legislative cycle. As a member based organization, NGAUS annually solicits proposed resolutions from its membership aimed at enhancing the National Guard, its equipment, and the quality of life of its soldiers and airmen and their families.

National resolutions are categorized as Joint, Army, or Air. Army and Air resolutions relate to missions or equipment under the purview of the Army and Air National Guard. Joint resolutions relate to issues involving personnel and benefits, medical and domestic operations. The standing resolutions adopted at the most recent NGAUS Conference are shown at the NGAUS website ( (click on Issues & Advocacy and then on Resolutions).

Association members are invited and encouraged to consider issues within the National Guard that need to be addressed. It is possible for an issue or idea conceived by one member within the state to subsequently become national policy or law. The vast majority of resolutions normally submitted relate specifically to modernization of equipment or personnel issues; however, the process is not limited to those subjects.

If you have an idea for a resolution, please submit that in the form of a draft resolution to the NGAA using the NGAUS electronic draft resolution input form which will allow you to present your idea in a workable format and is the only format accepted by NGAUS. A link to the input form is shown at the upper right side of this screen. Access and complete the form, save it as a .pdf file, and e-mail it to NGAA ( If you have questions, contact the NGAA office at 501-758-6422 or e-mail Damon Cluck ( or James Lamb ( You may also use the online form by clicking the button below…

NGAA Draft Resolution Input Form

Submitted resolutions are reviewed by the NGAA resolutions committee, and those considered appropriate for the betterment of the National Guard will be presented to the association membership for adoption at the annual NGAA state conference business session. Those adopted will then be submitted to the NGAUS resolutions committee for consideration at the annual NGAUS conference along with submissions from other state associations. It is from those resolutions that NGAUS decides the issues it will address on Capitol Hill. The deadline for submitting your draft resolutions to NGAA is 1 February 2022.

Not all issues are of national importance. Some need only to be addressed at the state level, and your ideas on those issues are important. Issues and resolutions that affect us at state level are addressed in two ways. First, a member of the NGAA executive committee is appointed to serve on the Arkansas National Guard Legislative Action Committee (LAC). The LAC determines the issues that may be forwarded by the Adjutant General to the Governor for approval and forwarding for consideration by the Arkansas General Assembly. Secondly, NGAA may also lobby directly to the Arkansas General Assembly any issues that are not considered by the LAC. If you have an idea that you would like to have considered by the state legislature, prepare that in fact sheet format (see link to a sample fact sheet at the upper right side of this page) and e-mail it to NGAA ( Be sure to include your name and contact information on the fact sheet.

Resolutions Committee 2021 – 2022

Lt Col Ryan Workman, AR ANG  – Committee Co-Chair

LTC Bryan Shipman, AR ARNG – Committee Co-Chair<