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The purpose of the Auxiliary to the National Guard Association of Arkansas (ANGAA) is to provide dedicated support to the National Guard Association of Arkansas, promote fellowship and goodwill among the Auxiliary membership, and do charitable work that will strengthen the relationship between the Arkansas National Guard and the general public.

The ANGAA supports its members by becoming “your family within the Guard community”. If you have a question or need something, the ANGAA is an important part of your resources. Your connection in the Auxiliary is one that lasts a lifetime. You help make a difference through involvement in the charitable work accomplished by the organization.

The ANGAA is a non-profit organization

The ANGAA does not participate in any political campaign on behalf of or in opinion to a candidate for public office.

Dues for membership in the ANGAA are $15.00 per year. Annual dues are payable at the NGAA annual general conference each year or anytime during the year. Please see the link below for a membership form.

Meetings will be held in the NGAA conference room, Building 8100, Camp Robinson beginning at 6:30 as scheduled on our site.

Please visit our Google site for more information, calendar of events and membership form.

ANGAA Google Site

Points of Contact

Stephanie Thompson (ANGAA President)
Phone: 501-250-6688

Shelley Needham (ANGAA President Elect)
Phone: 501-920-4108

Kathi Kinder (ANGAA Secretary/Treasurer)
Phone: 501-472-1542